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The main direction of our activity is manufacturing steel structures. In addition, we provide outsourcing that enables our customers to save money by focusing on the business development.

We are chosen as a partner due to the stability of our company both in achieving the set goals and constantly focusing on the development and future growth.

One of the company`s core values is staff since excellent achievements can only be acquired by a strong and united team. The number of company staff is constantly increasing. Egra Steel industry takes care of its staff through internal and external training, ensures good working conditions and maintains safe working environment. 

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Often our customers come to us with only a vision on their mind. We offer consultations to our customers and project designing led by certified civil engineers using well-known and in Europe approved computerised design programs. Designers work with AutoCad program where a facility project is developed in the 3D model.


Our Sales Department is closely co-operating with company’s technologists to ensure a fully customised product according to customer’s preferences and requirements.



The quality control of structural welds, sizes and corrosion protection is performed according to the demands set by the European Union standards. Only certified materials, both the origin and quality of which is documented, are used for manufacturing our structures.



We offer a wide range of services. Here are our main activities:


Experienced welders are working at Egra Steel industry plant. Moreover, the company has everything you need both to ensure that every order satisfies the highest quality requirements and to manufacture competitive products up to European Union standards. 



By combining our staff’s experience and professional skills with advanced technologies we are able to execute every order received from our customers.



We render turning services for various metal elements. CNC machines at Egra Steel industry plant ensure consistent high accuracy.


Surface Treatment

Egra Steel industry plant is equipped with the appropriate technologies providing blasting, metal coating and painting services. We are closely co-operating with a company offering high-quality galvanizing services which allows us to fully process your order. 




Hangar Production and Construction

The application of hangars depending on their size – cold or insulated hangars – has huge potential: a warehouse, production facilities, parking site for any means of transportation, storage space for agricultural produce, and many other possibilities. We offer our customers to install in the hangar a qualitative floor with built-in ramps for easy cleaning. 


Egra Steel industry has an experienced farm building team ensuring complete construction process from the foundation to the set-up of the stalls. Before decision-making we offer our customers to have a look at the finished projects.


Metal Structures

The advantage of Egra Steel industry is the ability to adapt to the customer’s needs and manufacture non-standard structures with high added value in small series or even one copy. The flexibility combined with the high quality standards has greatly contributed to the company’s competitiveness.



Egra Steel industry ensures production, galvanizing, painting and assembly of different types of staircases, and offers scaffold bridges suitable for various facilities.



Our work is our pride.

We are not separating work in large or small - every one of them shows our love and pride in what we do.

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  • Office buildings
  • Road construction
  • Hangars
  • Metal structures
  • Stairs
  • Farms
  • Industrial buildings
  • Rebar grids - piles / ve different floors


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Domicile: Tērvetes street 93, Jelgava, LV-3008, Latvia
Office address: Tērvetes street 93, Jelgava, Latvia